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Renowned Dutch Photographers

The Netherlands is home to some of the best portrait photographers in the world. We are talking about award-winning photographers that have captured some of the best photos out there.

They made use of photography to show how they see the world through the lens. The great Germaine Krull said, “The most important skill of the photographer is to know how to see. Yes, one sees through one’s eyes, but the same world seen through different eyes is no longer the same world; it’s the world seen through that individual’s eye.”

Let us introduce to you some of the world-renowned photographers from the Netherlands.

Wouter le Duc

If you want to see portrait excellence, then you need to check out the photo collection “The Constellations of Winter” by Wouter. Born and raised in Utrecht, Wouter saw the world differently.

After receiving his degree in Photography from the Willem de Kooning Academy, he started a promising career. His best works were featured in several exhibitions throughout Europe.

Renowned Dutch Photographers Wouter le Duc - Renowned Dutch Photographers

Ed van der Elsken

The late photographer from Amsterdam was one of the greatest and most creative minds. Ed died on December 28, 1990, but his works stood the test of time and now serves as creative treasures for everyone to appreciate and enjoy.

Ed focused on intimate and biographical photography. He told the story of many people. In his early 20s, he was introduced to sensationalist photography that drove and inspired him towards the field. One of his earliest inspirations includes Arthur Fellig aka Weegee works, “Naked City.”

His photos of postwar Paris was filled with pain, love and drug-taking bohemians. Ed travelled the world with his camera,and he captured everything that caught his eyes. To better describe him as a photographer, let’s use his own words.

“I’m not a journalist, an objective reporter, I’m a man with likes and dislikes.”

Rineke Dijkstra

Truly a master in contemporary photography, Rineke’s work astounded millions of people including the legendary music artist, Sir Elton John. By the way, he took portrait photos of the Rocketman.That’s right, she worked with Elton John for his charity work for AIDS.

Despite being a portrait photographer, Rineke didn’t contain herself inside the studio. Her photos mainly use two elements, the subject and the setting. She can transport anyone looking at her photo at the setting of said photo.

Her Beach Portraits are always a delight to look at. She has worked with more than a hundred people and fellow photographers throughout the years. Some of her best works are exhibited at museums in London, Washington, Munich, and Minneapolis.

Position yourself

These three are just some of the best photographers here in the Netherlands, there are dozens more. You can be one of the future greats if you have a passion for it. If you want a head start, check out our photography tips from basics to advanced levels in our blog.

If you want, you can also submit some of your sample photos for us to evaluate. We are more than happy to share our assessment to you, free of charge.